Welcome – Regrettably, we no longer keep this site up to date. Please visit my Naturally Sheepish page on Facebook.

Thank you for visiting my site, but to see my current work, please visit my Naturally Sheepish page on Facebook. 

Welcome to Naturally Sheepish< – the trading name of Isobel McCallum Scott, a spinner, weaver and “natural” dyer for around 30 years.

Since being seduced by a spinning wheel, there are few days when I don’t spin something – from coarse wools through to fine silks. Along the way, I gained a Certificate of Achievement in Handspinning in 1997 as well as the Anna Bowers Award for teaching of Spinning. The yarns I produce are used in knitting, crochet and weaving of all sorts, while the remainder is sold to other enthusiasts of “hand spun”. Tuition is offered in Spinning for both Beginners and Improvers with a variety of Wheels available for your use.

After spinning, my next passion is for Weaving, often using handspun ¬†“naturally” dyed yarns. Rugs and cushions are made on an upright rug loom, while a huge range of ¬†scarves and wraps are woven on two or four shaft looms. A varied selection of Tapestry Weavings have been produced on simple wooden frames, from mini-weaves , a few inches across to much larger wall-hangings.


“Playing” with fibre can lead to many other textile experiences -

FELT made with soft Merino fibre becomes pendants, earrings, buttons and even abstract pictures.


Weaving narrow braids for belts,pet collars and bag handles on an Inkle Loom led on to JAPANESE BRAIDING (Kumi Himo) with its great variety of forms, from round, firm braids for necklaces and bracelets, to flat braids for added detail on collars, bags, cushions or whatever your imagination desires.




When Natural fibre colours need a lift, subtle “Natural” dyes may be the answer. For many years, I have been found brewing up anything from tree bark to Woad. More recently acid dyes for use on wool and silk have been my preference for quick, zingy results.

You are invited to browse through my unique collection of individually crafted items which include rugs, cushions, weavings,scarves, wraps, bags, braided necklaces and handspun yarns.

I hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to hearing from you, or if you happen to be in the area, why not make an appointment to visit the workshop?

... and a foot note ...

… and a foot note …

Contact me at: isobel@naturally-sheepish.co.uk

Address: Calder Dyke, Lentran, Inverness, IV3 8RJ

Telephone: (+44) 01463 831256

Posted on June 28, 2020

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